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cheered up by kaleidoscopes comments I've decided to add a new icon..

thank you lovey.... a kind word goes a long way :)

Also in other geekier news: There was an Eve-Online Dev Chat help by stratics today in whic hI was an op.. yay for me.

Its quite interesting if you're interesting (if not why not? go look at the game!)
check out a log hosted by EveGate (who I also *ahem*work*ahem* for)

the log...
they also should have the new webby I did for them up soon.. *sigh* soon they say soon....


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24th Jul, 2002 20:38 (UTC)
Love the new icon! ;-) Your welcome... but... all my little kind words were so true.

Hope you're having a splendid evening.
24th Jul, 2002 20:42 (UTC)
well its 4:40am now. .so going to bed (see what I mean about sleep?)

but not been too bad..

Can think of more interesting and less geeky things to do..

but hey I met you and thats a plus! :D
24th Jul, 2002 21:32 (UTC)
Oh geeeezze louise!! It's quite early there. Good morning? You should get some sleep for sure. *tucks him into bed*

G'night... Don't let the bed bugs bite... If they do, warn them of me. I'll come and take care of 'em. *mean look*
25th Jul, 2002 12:10 (UTC)
*sees any bugs scatter before you*
well I'm in sunny old england (no really warm as hell - for here anyhow)
so that's GMT +1 atm.. inc daylight savings.. so when you US ppls are going "what shall we do tonight?" I prolly should be in bed :D
(Deleted comment)
25th Jul, 2002 12:03 (UTC)
thank you my dear ^_^

not as good as yours tho :)

Hows the kitty? sniffles cured?
(Deleted comment)
26th Jul, 2002 15:44 (UTC)
Well of cource!

"Damnit I'm not getting better until she spoils me"
then later..

"omg they're going to stick that up my...ARRRGHGHHHHGLALALAHGFGHGHHH!! I'M BETTER ALREADY!"
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