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Battlestar Galactica...

This is one the best scripted sci-fi shows on US TV?
One of the best TV shows full stop?
Some of the best writing?

No, no its not. It's overwrought, unsubtle, melodramatically acted, badly plotted, overly-angsty, poorly photographed, and generally not that good. Why is it so popular? Is it because of the beat-you-over-the-head-until-you-get-it political messages? The production values? The rather good (if poorly used) music? What is it?

I just don't get it. Someone explain it to me please!


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7th Oct, 2006 09:26 (UTC)
It had Dirk Benedict (yum) and the other fellow with the brown beautiful eyes for starters.

Then there was that adorable boy with the robot-dog and don't forget the evol! Cyborgs.

Plus, cool music, but that might be better in my memory than it actually WAS.
7th Oct, 2006 20:00 (UTC)
Oh well the original series was great, and had much better acting, stories, writing, and much more than this new version.

However it's not really fair comparing them. They are very different beasts. This one however wants to be clever, and it fails badly.
8th Oct, 2006 00:22 (UTC)
Ah! Seems I'm a bit behind on info... ^_^

Too bad the new one fails, btw. I'm sure the actors were doing their best (at least, I hope they do!).
7th Oct, 2006 20:02 (UTC)
Hmm that anon comment was me, wierd.. it said I was logged in.
8th Oct, 2006 00:23 (UTC)
Don't you hate it when your cookies are eaten? :P
7th Oct, 2006 15:15 (UTC)
those things described the fist two seasons.. now after seeing last nights third season opener, I am not sure it will continue to be true.
7th Oct, 2006 19:58 (UTC)
I think you've just been desensitized! ;)

The post was written after I watched the first 1:45 of the new season, and dear god it was.. just.. bad. :/
7th Oct, 2006 20:02 (UTC)
Gah! The anon comment was me..
7th Oct, 2006 22:27 (UTC)
I don't know.

Have you got your wife to like FIrefly yet?

If not (and I imagine this is the case), there is your answer.
8th Oct, 2006 00:09 (UTC)
No I haven't, but I at least can understand the reasons she doesn't like it, I agree with most of them - its just I like it for the qualities she doesn't :) If that makes sense...

but with BG I just can't see any appeal... maybe it was just a lousy begining though and I need to watch more.. or something.
8th Oct, 2006 05:17 (UTC)
Well, I think last night was not as good as the previous seasons, yes.

Also, I have some of the same objections you have- I really don't like that there doesn't seem to be a clear season story telling arc (but then that could be because of Joss Whedon's excellent story planning). BSG feels disjointed to me a lot of the time- but I still enjoy it.

I mean, not like I love Firefly or anything- but it is an enjoyable 45 minutes of tv for me.
8th Oct, 2006 21:57 (UTC)
Greg, sorry to say youve got it wrong on this one. its just solidly executed, when compared to most sci fi (firefly apart) this is miles better. although feel free to point me in the direction of something in the same genre thats better. i agree with your point about the political stuff, but compared to most of the shite on tv these days the actors are doing a fine job, the production values are great and i barely notice the music(although maybe thats your point.

ill call ya real soon
9th Oct, 2006 05:04 (UTC)
Re: Galactica
Hey Dave!
I think you made a great point in my favor actually - its the best in the genre, but that is just because the sci-fi genre is practically dead on TV atm.

I mean there is Stargate, but thats about it. Even that isn't that good anymore.

The production values are great, but the cinematography is awful, and the direction is painful. The actors aren't doing a bad job, concidering the material, but they are so melodramatic its annoying.

The best actors seem to be the cylons, as they actually have some of the best lines.
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