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Berkeley Botanical Gardens

As promised, lots of photos of the gardens. Including a few of the REALLY WIERD cacti that look like rocks (seriously! Like wierd little alien pebbles!).

Check all of them out at my flickr stream.


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11th Aug, 2006 16:27 (UTC)
Oops! I commented on one of the Lithops photos identifying them as such, and then looked next a picture of a pot with a placard stuck in. D'oh.
11th Aug, 2006 17:39 (UTC)
Don't feel bad! I didn't know most of what you said! So it was very informative :D
11th Aug, 2006 16:29 (UTC)
Where is that place?!
I find it really funny that in all the years I've lived in the bay area I've never been there.

Beautiful pictures, by the way. :)

11th Aug, 2006 17:37 (UTC)
Thank you :)

It's up in Strawberry Canyon, on Canyon/Centinial Road. Basically you head up into berkeley, then head towards the UC campus and drive up that road. Can't miss it.

Not exactly an obvious place to look, but really nice.

If you want to go sometime let me know - there's so much there we didn't really get to see all of it this time I'd love to go again :)
11th Aug, 2006 19:58 (UTC)
I came close to saying.. yeah.. I've been there.. was beautiful, but I so haven't.. I went to the botanic garden in Pasadena.. nowhere near Berkeley!! That too was beautiful. It has a really impressive Camellia forest.
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