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Greg World Update

I've not been posting a lot lately, and I'll tell you why: I'm not a very good diaryist, and when I do finally have something that isn't like a diary entry to post (like, say when I went to the Botanical Gardens at the weekend)... I forget to post it.

Basically, I suck.

I kind of screwed up explaining that in a comment saying "I've never been one for diary entries, especially when they are dull." They do say 60% of what you mean in text is lost on the reader, so I should clarify: I love it here, and I'm having a great time, but I've never liked writing diary entries because I think they are dull for people to read, especially when I've written them.

So, what have I actually been doing? Well, aside from the usual going to places to eat, movies.. etc.. the aforementioned Berkeley Botanical Gardens happened at the weekend, and it was very awesome. Just really pretty. Flickr photos to come soon...

Also, last night the awesome Miriam had her most nervewracking show yet - KML Graduates Second Grade. It was a quick, experimental, chaotic process to get the show running, but it is funny as hell. So if you live in the Bay Area, got to the Theatre Rhinoceros in SF and see it this weekend before its over. Short (less than 90mins) and very funny. Congrats to all involved.

Today? Well today I've been creating pixel art of both Miriam and myself.

See? I'm wearing jeans and my Firefly t-shirt and she's wearing her Khakis and her v.cool tibet-made hoodie.

Cute huh?


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11th Aug, 2006 08:38 (UTC)
v. cute. What's going on on the immigration front?
12th Aug, 2006 13:00 (UTC)
You forget that what for you might be normal and blah, may very well be very interesting for other people, especially ones that live in other countries, like myself. :)
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