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My First Earthquake

Ok, so... I'm still alive. Sorry I didn't say more about that: I'm well and much much better.

However now the earth itself is trying to kill me. Well.. ok, I exagerate, but to a non-native it was fun/impressive that 4.7 Earthquake hit a short distance north of me and we just felt it rock the floor like being in a car when the motor splutters and dies.

Pretty neat!


3rd Aug, 2006 16:36 (UTC)
you have a last fm account and you did'nt tell me? i feel so betrayed
3rd Aug, 2006 18:59 (UTC)
I think you just forgot.

I mentioned it when I first got it (while I was at 20six) and again when I hooked up iTunes to it, and again the other day when we were talking about Pandora with Marrissa!