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My First Earthquake

Ok, so... I'm still alive. Sorry I didn't say more about that: I'm well and much much better.

However now the earth itself is trying to kill me. Well.. ok, I exagerate, but to a non-native it was fun/impressive that 4.7 Earthquake hit a short distance north of me and we just felt it rock the floor like being in a car when the motor splutters and dies.

Pretty neat!


3rd Aug, 2006 04:30 (UTC)
hm, apparently there was an aftershock for that one.. 2.2 and another kilometer lower in the earth than the one you felt, as well as about an hour later. or is it preparing for a bigger one?

3rd Aug, 2006 04:34 (UTC)
sorry, i was wrong on the depth. the kilometer/miles thing always gets me.
3rd Aug, 2006 05:08 (UTC)
Well its the biggest one so far in CA. Looking at the shakemap there has been a bunch of smaller ones travelling north. Probably whatever needed to shift, shifted.

3rd Aug, 2006 05:14 (UTC)