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Sleeping Tips

Anyone have any good tips to a good nights sleep?

I've been sleeping awfully for the past week, mostly I tihnk because I was sick, but last night I was awake from around 3am till about 7:30.

This was the suck.

So.. suggestions welcome.


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19th Jun, 2006 21:23 (UTC)

For me, avoid high-sodium dinners or nighttime snacks. They make me sleep poorly and I think the salt screws with my dreams too.
19th Jun, 2006 21:27 (UTC)
Do you have a fan, or other white-noise creator?
19th Jun, 2006 22:49 (UTC)
Yeah, though it doesn't seem to help much (its been on most of this week).
19th Jun, 2006 22:52 (UTC)
Alas, I've no idea. How are the stress levels this week?
19th Jun, 2006 21:41 (UTC)
I loathe warm milk, therefore I suggest ONE little drink (be it wine or liquor) just before nappy-time.

Fresh air will make you also sleepy; try to walk outside a bit this afternoon and if you can, make it atleast half an hour.

Glad to hear you're back on your feet again.

(No napping in between! Better get an early nights sleep. Think tennish.)

19th Jun, 2006 21:54 (UTC)
3 words.. lots of beer. Hops is a natural relaxant.. and the rest is history.. could make for a crap morning if you go too far.. but a pint puts me out like a light if I'm not sleeping well.
19th Jun, 2006 22:49 (UTC)
Now this plan I like! ;)
19th Jun, 2006 22:57 (UTC)
Exercise is a good start. No point in resting if you're not tired, your body says.

Benadryl can be a useful trick. It doesn't work for everyone, but it definitely can help.

Maintaining a pattern of sleep is good. I also find that I sleep better when I'm getting up relatively early in the mornings.

There's some meditative tricks that work well for me when I'm trying to sleep. You've heard of emptying your mind, right? I do the opposite -- let absolutely everything bubble up to the surface if it feels like it. The trick is you're not allowed to dwell on it. By the time you're able to say, "Oh, that's a ___" you should already have moved on to something else.

I recall that reading in bed in order to sleep is a bad idea, although I don't remember exactly why. Really, though, things like reading, watching television, or sitting at the computer don't help. They get (maybe) your mind going, but you're physically resting, which is pretty counterproductive to sleep. In all honesty, though, I've taken to reading a rather dry tome on Japanese history before bed and it's enough like trying to study for classes that it puts me right to sleep.

Then there's also chamomile tea at bedtime. For some reason that knocks me right out. I know it's a mild sedative, but I'm pretty sure there's a great deal of suggestion happening, because it takes effect well before any chemicals in the tea should be able to make themselves felt. If you really want, I'm fairly sure L'Amyx sells a bedtime blend of tea (chamomile and lavender, I should think).
20th Jun, 2006 00:11 (UTC)
I use a homeopathic remedy by Hyland's called Calms Forte when I can't get my brain to turn off and let me sleep.

It can be purchased at Whole Foods or Elephant Pharmacy.
20th Jun, 2006 01:11 (UTC)
I've been taking melatonin supplements lately (can be purchased at any health food store) on the advice of my brother (and after researching thoroughly) and it does seem to be helping somewhat.
20th Jun, 2006 03:18 (UTC)
I used to have problems sleeping when I was a lot younger. My mom put a small bowl filled with vanilla extract by the bed. Apparently, the scent helps you ease off to sleep.

Its worth a shot!
20th Jun, 2006 03:29 (UTC)
more sex, of course
21st Jun, 2006 04:16 (UTC)
a good night's sleep
plenty of hard work out of doors, and a life totally free from stress. (yeeh, right, like that will ever happen.) in the meantime, plenty of beer, out of doors or indoors it doesn't really matter where, just keep that stress well drowned.
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