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Happy 21st Sis!

Twas my sisters birthday today.. (well technically yesturday now, but you know what I mean).

I got her a really nice sandblased silver necklace pendant with a blue topaz center. v pretty...

After rising at midday (hey I was up till 6am so thats not bad you know?) went for luch with her at The Swan in town. Nice..

then home and webby stuff...

We went out for italian later however... all dressed up :)

me.. smart.. wow

Anyhow had dinner at a VERY nice italian.. were I had THIS fabualous starter...

And so.. another year rolls on. not a bad day all in all... I'd type more, but its 5am now!


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20th Jul, 2002 02:39 (UTC)
[not actually Nina]

sounds fun... and that starter looks divine! However, not very apealing to me at the mo... as I am rather sick :/

I actually got a job interview... for the 13th of august... which got me to thinking, are you and a significant other going to be here at that time?? what are your plans?

[/not actually Nina]
20th Jul, 2002 04:40 (UTC)
Re: hmmmm
Richard? heh... starter was LOVLEY. I had creamed tagliatele with garlic and herb chicken for main, and Arametto Ice Cream for desert...


13th..? hmmm no I don't think thats the time of when myself and the Iron One are heading that way.. think its the week after.. but I'll check.

Good luck! what job is it?
21st Jul, 2002 11:12 (UTC)
omg Dc, you look so much like Dj. OMG, even the names are similar!! :O
Am i onto something here?
21st Jul, 2002 15:50 (UTC)
I look like DJ? huh? really?

22nd Jul, 2002 15:57 (UTC)
Yah, cos like i watched him on his webcam once, and i'm not jokin...you look soooo much like him. It's un-canny :O
23rd Jul, 2002 07:16 (UTC)
thats... weird.

I've never seen a photo of him... he's not given one to EveGate so.. got a screenie?
24th Jul, 2002 12:42 (UTC)
The present you got her sounds very lovely!!

And... you dress up very nice. :) Thanks for sharing the pictures with us!

24th Jul, 2002 16:40 (UTC)
thank you :)

and it was nice.. amazing what you can find in speciality jewlers that you never knew were in your town..

You've got a shirley manson from garbage thing going on in that icon...

this is a good thing trust me :)
24th Jul, 2002 19:54 (UTC)
I know... It's really awesome when you find things you've never seen in your own town. I recently found the coolest store in the world just around the corner from my house. Why didn't I know that was there before? ;-)

I love Shirley... she rocks my world.

Thanks for adding me to your list - I'm adding you to mine. There's no escaping me now. Mwahahaha... I look forward to getting to know ya!!

24th Jul, 2002 20:30 (UTC)
same here :)

Always good to get to know new ppl.. otherwise why are we here? :D

Shirley rawks.. even if the last album was pretty... poor. Ah well..

I found a bookshop on that run too.. a little pokey one. All leather bound volumes.. and I SWEAR its bigger inside than out.

Its like a strange Discworld shop...

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