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Summer is Here!

Well... for me it is.

The first sign of California being, well, California was in effect yesterday - it was 70-75 degrees F.

Or for those of you who are my generation and from Europe - 21-24 Celsius. That is offically summer temperatures to me, and I can here the laughing from those of you who are from here. Shush. Yes, England is cold :P

Summer temps in the UK do get to the 30's (90+F) but usually not for that long - a week, maybe two - so its a nice change! Today it is a bit cooler, mostly because it's cloudy, but its sun tomorrow again!

Fun, fun, fun... in the sun, sun, sun...


1st May, 2006 19:26 (UTC)
You lucky dude!

*shivers in a cold Netherlands*