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Too much painting...

argh... hands... really... hurt.

Miriam and I are repainting her attic room. It's huge. However we encountered a "OMG no!" situation with colour not really coming out on the walls as it was expected. So I'm repainting a lot now with some white primer. This is a lot of painting with a roller.

I've not done half of what I wanted to today painting wise because my hands are REALLY sore :(

I'm going to lunch with Brian in a little bit, and after that shopping for the Indian meal Miriam and I are cooking saturday night for everyone. Should be fun.

I might take some before/after photos later too...


27th Apr, 2006 23:58 (UTC)
thats a cute icon.

its hard work... but we both knew that. after the painting and the floors are done, the rest will be a piece of cake, and theres no way it can turn out worse than it looks now. i dont think you want to live in a room that looks like it was inspired by buttered popcorn either.