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Lession Learned:

Mildly concussing oneself by hitting the back of ones head on a beam last night means headaches today :(

btw.... *pokes banshea* wake up! ;) Call if you're coming over :)


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7th Apr, 2006 21:49 (UTC)
Wait, I thought I was calling when I was ready to head over?
7th Apr, 2006 22:48 (UTC)
Well both, but wasn't sure if today was ok ;) As we've spoken already though... you know that :)
7th Apr, 2006 22:10 (UTC)
poor baby

well, now i hate to ask, but can you hook up your HD today so i can pick fonts??
7th Apr, 2006 22:49 (UTC)
No problem. I'll open the computer up now :D
7th Apr, 2006 23:10 (UTC)
Argh... seems like only my music is on that HDD. Dave is sending me several DVD's worth of stuff from my old machine.. might be on those DVD's - no matter, I'll download a bunch of them from dafont.com - that's where I got a lot of them in the first place anyhow.

Anyhow.. you'll have some fonts to look through :)

7th Apr, 2006 23:02 (UTC)
Oi! Feel better.
8th Apr, 2006 14:07 (UTC)
Ow! Thought you might be interested in this:

Don't know if you do RoR, but figured it was worth passing along to you.

Now, watch those low beams, 'kay? ;)
9th Apr, 2006 00:27 (UTC)
Head trauma? Just walk it off, pansy. I've had many a blow-to-the head and I'm fine. It's not like it stops...


what was I just saying?
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