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Happy Plastic Paddy Day

America is fucking insane about "I once smelt Irish Whiskey so I'm Offically Irish" Day.

Just don't get me started... the first time someone pinches me on St Pads for not wearing Green is the day I get arrested for beating someone with a nice Orange traffic cone "because I'm English and it's symbolic."


(previously posted as a comment in ms_violet's journal)


18th Mar, 2006 10:38 (UTC)
Correction: it should be a celebration of Ireland and all things Irish. I never said I had anything against that.

However what I was complaining about was that for many people it's a token gesture at best, at worst it's just an excuse to get drunk. That's not celebrating Ireland, Irishness, or anything else. If anything that sort of behavior increases the perception of stereotypes and is damaging.

That is if you want to read into it a lot. Frankly, all I was doing was making a joke pointing out the over-the-top nature of the "celebrations" and the fact that I'm English so its doubly pointless for me, technically.

There was no serious intent behind any of it.
18th Mar, 2006 10:44 (UTC)
at worst it's just an excuse to get drunk

That could be said for *any* day in which some form of celebration occurs. Hell one of my relatives (now dead) used Christmas as an excuse to get totally blatted.

Yeah it can push stereotypes to the bad extreme, but then the same can be said for football supporters, but I think most people realise that in that case it's a minority who act like that. Just like on St Paddy's it's a minority who get pissed, and break shit all in the name of Ireland!

I can't think too straight, right now, so my debating skills are down slightly. This is because I've got Tirian and we're playing Guess Who? at the same time. o_O
18th Mar, 2006 10:58 (UTC)
Ah, but if I was to ask you to do an indenti-kit you'd be fine? ;)

Yes any celebration can be used as that, but it seems that the vast majority use St Pads for that. Certainly the most visible celbrations anyhow, with a lot of people defending it. At least in football you get people decrying the idiots, or doing something about them - they aren't acceptable.

With St Pads it's not only acceptable, it's defended. That's why it leaves a sour taste in my mouth. Even though I have nothing against the idea of it, the actuallity of it is less than ideal.