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Happy Plastic Paddy Day

America is fucking insane about "I once smelt Irish Whiskey so I'm Offically Irish" Day.

Just don't get me started... the first time someone pinches me on St Pads for not wearing Green is the day I get arrested for beating someone with a nice Orange traffic cone "because I'm English and it's symbolic."


(previously posted as a comment in ms_violet's journal)


18th Mar, 2006 03:19 (UTC)
Well, Saint Patrick wasn't exactly Protestant.

By the way, that's the exact reason I'm wearing orange today.
18th Mar, 2006 04:36 (UTC)
It's all just silly in the end, except if you're truly Irish and living/lived it all. Honestly, when I first started saying anything about orange, it was because I was so frustrated with being pinched and punched over a holiday celebrated by people who were neither Irish nor Catholic and might as well have been mixing metaphors...