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Happy Plastic Paddy Day

America is fucking insane about "I once smelt Irish Whiskey so I'm Offically Irish" Day.

Just don't get me started... the first time someone pinches me on St Pads for not wearing Green is the day I get arrested for beating someone with a nice Orange traffic cone "because I'm English and it's symbolic."


(previously posted as a comment in ms_violet's journal)


18th Mar, 2006 03:09 (UTC)
i fuck off just about every day, thank you.

i think you might just happen to have your head shoved up my ass. kindly find some other stinkhole to insert your nostrils in.

you might consider reading past the initial blanket statements at the beginning of an entry and not reacting off your hip holster, my wee little goblin.
18th Mar, 2006 03:13 (UTC)
Wow, you're so stupid I have nothing left to say to you. I don't need to waste my time. You could admit you were wrong with your comment because you went off on me for something I didn't even say, but you're clearly too retarded for that.
18th Mar, 2006 03:22 (UTC)
fuck you back, bitch.
you missed the point of his post and took it to some level that not all of us agreed to, and ignored the basic points he made. but you are obviously so full of yourself that i'm just enjoying you being a retard in your own special way.
18th Mar, 2006 03:27 (UTC)
Re: fuck you back, bitch.
He made two separate statements, dumbass. The pinching not to do with the first. I'm done replying to you since you obviously don't have a brain and I won't read any replies.
18th Mar, 2006 03:34 (UTC)
so in my reply i brought them both together. i have to admit that i like your icons even if you're pretty ignorant.