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Happy Plastic Paddy Day

America is fucking insane about "I once smelt Irish Whiskey so I'm Offically Irish" Day.

Just don't get me started... the first time someone pinches me on St Pads for not wearing Green is the day I get arrested for beating someone with a nice Orange traffic cone "because I'm English and it's symbolic."


(previously posted as a comment in ms_violet's journal)


18th Mar, 2006 00:17 (UTC)
St. P's day has always been the day that we (my sibs and I) come together to celebrate our family.

Our ancestors, who were very much right-off-the-boat Irish, did all they could to hide their Irish traits. They only held onto the ones that were part of internal family life. They probably wouldn't approve of our celebrating the date and acknowledging it as intrinsically Irish.

Since St. P's day is the day we picked for this and it's something I do just for the benefit of myself, Dane, and Lynn...I've not really done anything today. No green, no whisky, no goofy hat. If I'm with them next year at this time, I'll celebrate in the way we have for 6 years previous.

That being said, I did have a Guiness tonight. But, I always have Guiness after curry. That has nothing to do with the date. :)

Give the Americans you know a chance, we're not all completely mad. (Well, sometimes, but not always in the stereotypical ways... ;) )
18th Mar, 2006 00:29 (UTC)
Yeah, without the Jyll-biscuit, there was no celebration today... we went to Ankar's instead... mmmm cheese sandwich.

I don't really see celebrating St. Patrick's Day as an American any different than celebrating Cinco de Mayo as an American. But I guess I get a free pass on that one, since I speak Spanish. If you speak gaelic, can you celebrate St. Patrick's Day as an American?
18th Mar, 2006 10:31 (UTC)
Oh I know, the post wasn't a condemnation of the concept of St Patricks Day or of Irish people, or of people of Irish descent... even if some people seem to have taken it that way.

Nothing wrong at all with celebrating your herritage. It's just mutated into "Spring Break: Irish Edition" seemingly for a lot of people, and especially over there.