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Well another night constructivly wasted....

Alpha testing isn't playing the game as some ppl think.. its more about bugs. As it should be.

On anohter note.. if you have a latent geek side.. or even if you don't check this comic out WYSIWYG love it. The best bit? hes a LJ'er.. and going out with the lovely cmpriest. That lucky man...


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(Deleted comment)
15th Jul, 2002 12:55 (UTC)
They're very funny.... and I'm sure I won't be the first to say Moon looks strangely familiar :)

I noticed that a few of the strips seem to be permanantly offline. 404's all the way with a couple... and the rest were fine.

Sweet Moi? Merci :)
(Deleted comment)
15th Jul, 2002 15:33 (UTC)

Well Moon isn't exactly you.. but I so can see some of her lines coming from coversations you've had. She reads like your journal sometimes :)

Eddie is exactly like my old Uni lecturer.. except more together and not as obsessed about coffee. (He is one of only three ppl I know how have eaten coffee in front off me... and this was in a lecture)

Goth bob.. ahh well the goth bobs of this world.. that reminds me *Gets a chainsaw*
16th Jul, 2002 08:42 (UTC)
"Alpha testing isn't playing the game as some ppl think.. its more about bugs. As it should be"

Well if that was so. Why is everyone going on a pk rampage?
Don't listen to anyone who goes on about how you should be 'testing'. That word hardly means anything anymore, and if it does...it's become seriously distorted.

Anyway, you gotta play, to test :)

Just give in your bug reports when they happen, and play the game the rest of the time..
16th Jul, 2002 11:33 (UTC)
wrong attitude.

Seriously. Theres a reason I've got a hell of a lot less resources and shite than many ppl who are testing.

Because I'm not in it for the money atm.

You can't really play an alpha anyhow... its not anywhere NEAR the full game.

Sure playtesting is part of it. But you wont test everything that way.

17th Jul, 2002 03:33 (UTC)
Well some have suggested that it'd be better to press everything and try things in weird and fantastical ways. But i figure that ain't gonna make you excited to come back every 7pm...:S
It'll more than likely make it boring...

And anyway, you don't see kwai testing (note that he's a dev as well!!), but he's more interested in pk'ing ppl!! What kind of example is that for others to follow?
17th Jul, 2002 13:27 (UTC)
Well ok so SOMETIMES you'll play the game. Kwai pods ppl as a) he's got damn good at the game and b) he's got bigger and better stuff.. so he can.

He does test, but hes got a developer side view of things. Trust me he's not just there podding ppl.

If you only wanted to play a game then theres little point in applying to test. As there is no game. Its not there.
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