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Free Music

With the death of mp3.com many many years ago I have no place to go to find awesome artists creating music, beats, and tunes for the love and craft of it (and.. you know, maybe some money).

So tonight I ask of you: Tell me where to go to find new downloadable music.

None of that crappy flash-player, popup, myspace bollocks. If I can't download it from the page - I don't care.

Hit me with your rhythm sticks.

edit - seriously, no sites with music players, I don't want to listen to a crappy version now, I want to download the music to listen to when I choose to at a later date. Players are a BAD IDEA - they get in the way of the music - and are one of the reasons I loathe MySpace. Ugh ugh ugh ugh UGH.


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19th Feb, 2006 02:56 (UTC)

Seems to have a large and eclectic selection, I was mildly surprised to find Inkubus Succubus on there, I hadn't realised they were free-content artists.

Liberal sprinkling of flash animations and the occasional pop-up, such is life.
19th Feb, 2006 03:14 (UTC)
Nice idea, thanks for suggesting it but:

a) it has a shitty player
b) said shitty player actually doesn't work properly (and crashed FireFox just now).

This is the reason why I hate inbedded players. They are crap, get in the way of the music, and don't add any value. Now I will never bother to listen to anyone on that site because of a stupid design idea.

If I can't just download an mp3 of the music... I'm not really that bothered.

Oh well... thanks for trying though.
19th Feb, 2006 03:46 (UTC)
You can download mp3's from the page with the embedded player, just scroll down to the track listings and above each one there will be a streaming option or direct link to the mp3. Only problem is you won't have a chance to do anything if the embedded player keeps crashing Firefox (though it's not doing it to me - though nothing ever crashes on my Mac or Linux boxes ;D ).

Good luck, I'm sure there's plenty of sites out there that dispense with the bloat in favour of accessibility.
19th Feb, 2006 07:45 (UTC)
It's filled with a lot of not-as-worthy stuff... but Amazon.com's free download section is at least browse-worthy

19th Feb, 2006 10:06 (UTC)
19th Feb, 2006 18:30 (UTC)
26th Feb, 2006 16:40 (UTC)
26th Feb, 2006 16:57 (UTC)
I have utorrent, and very good it is too.

It's a bittorrent client, not a free music site though. I know how to get music for free if I don't want to pay for it, that wasn't really the point of the post.

I'm interested in spreading my knowledge of genre's an bands in a diverse fashion - mp3.com used to do that very well.
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