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Happy Valentines Day

It's amazing... if I have to describe something in fiction I can go on for hours.

Adjectives and metaphors a-plenty, but when I'm dealing with my own emotional descriptions... I freeze up.

It's because, when I look at Miriam, there's nothing else. She fills my world and there is no room for analysis. There's just me and her, and what I feel. Something so huge that millions of poets have tried to describe it, how can I hope to sum that up in a valentines day message?

I can't. But it is enough to know that I feel that, and that she is there for me.

I love you Miriam Wilson, and I always will.


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14th Feb, 2006 14:53 (UTC)
What are the brush strokes made of? Numbers or words? I can't quite make it out.

Awesome looking though. :)
14th Feb, 2006 15:30 (UTC)
Word. I'm made of "greg" Miriam is made of "miriam" and other scenery is made of "love" though most of the other stuff I cropped.
15th Feb, 2006 05:51 (UTC)
well, are'nt you just sweet?
I love you too
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