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Movie Quiz

Bored? Try this fun little movie quiz.

Basically it's matching the photos from the movie to a name which you have to type. I got 26, but 2 of them I can't place, 1 I'm sure I know but don't have a clue, and 1 I have no idea about.

Anyhow - 26/30 is your score to beat. Good luck.

edit - 27 now! Finally got the one with all the helicopters. Too many movies feature scenes like that.


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8th Feb, 2006 02:34 (UTC)
20/30... and I'm stuck.
ah well...
8th Feb, 2006 05:22 (UTC)
i got 8, and i'm content with that. i don't watch very many movies at all, anymore.

took me a good 10 minutes to figure out what #5 was, for some reason.
8th Feb, 2006 10:08 (UTC)
Okay, I got 20/30 and now I'm stuck. However, I'm *really* curious what the ones are that I missed! So, could you send me the answers for 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 15, 17 (I don't even know who that guy is! lol), 19, 22, and 23? I mean, if it's not too much to ask!
8th Feb, 2006 12:34 (UTC)
how about I give you clues? ;)

4 - a movie told in reverse.
6 - On of Kubricks last movies
7 - also a name of a grand of NY style pizza
8 & 9 - no idea either.
15 - "I'll be back", and he was.
17 - It's Alan Rickman, and it's probably his most famous film (but he wasn't the star).
19 - also no idea
22 - Stars Orlando Bloom and Ewan McGreggor.
23 - The actor is Bill Murray, the movie is two works and has an apostrophe in the title.
8th Feb, 2006 12:35 (UTC)
Jesus I can't type today:

On = One
grand = brand
works = words
8th Feb, 2006 20:21 (UTC)
oof- 13 right
I was hoping for some clues- because I seem to really suck at this.
1,2,3,6,7, 8,9,13,15,16,18,19,22,23,24,26,27- how much title do I need?
I also only got 17 after your hint. and 28 pissed me off because I know it by a different name and I thought I was going crazy.
all in all quite frustrating- please help :-)
8th Feb, 2006 20:30 (UTC)
Re: oof- 13 right
okay- I mixed up 6 and 13- but got them right now... hehe
8th Feb, 2006 20:35 (UTC)
Re: oof- 13 right
Yeah, 28 was one of those films where they changed the sensible good title into a stupid lame one for just the states. Go figure.

Ok, well clues that I didn't post before:

16 - The actor is micheal madsen, and it made him famous.
18 - The actor is in a big square box. What could you call that?
8th Feb, 2006 21:13 (UTC)
Re: oof- 13 right
okay got 16- and e18- tho I've never heard of that movie.
What about hints to some of the earlier ones? Who are any of the actors in 1?
And the brad pitt one- has me stumped.
8th Feb, 2006 21:16 (UTC)
Re: oof- 13 right
okay got 22-
what about 26- I know I've seen that movie...
is 15 a one word title?
8th Feb, 2006 21:23 (UTC)
Re: oof- 13 right
I can't tell you them all! that's just cheating ;)

15 is a sequel to a one word title.
16 you'll either know or you won't. The actors in that grab are Cameronz Diaz and Daniel Day Lewis.
8th Feb, 2006 21:21 (UTC)
Re: oof- 13 right
Well I think I gave a lot of the previous ones in another comment.

The brad pitt one had my brain creeking for a long time. I ended up going to imdb to check that he was actually in the movie, because I wasn't sure.

It's based on a famous novel, about boys from a reform school (I think, maybe youth prison).
8th Feb, 2006 21:34 (UTC)
Re: oof- 13 right
once you said michael madsen I knew it- I couldn't figure out who it was. I knew I knew 26- bah, looked like scott bakkula- knew that wasn't right- ah well.
Still no clue on 2 even with cheating and looking at IMDB- so perhaps you could email it to me?
and ray liotta- I was just spelling it wrong- duh.
So how are things going over there? you wrote a cryptic message of excitment a while back- but no follow up message.
8th Feb, 2006 21:41 (UTC)
Re: oof- 13 right
Yeah, that crypic message will have to stay cryptic - I don't know anything else at this point...

2 also has Kevin Bacon in it.. if that helps.
9th Feb, 2006 19:52 (UTC)
Re: oof- 13 right
Haha, I thought he looked like Scott Bakkula also. I was like "Quantum Leap"? Hahah!
9th Feb, 2006 19:42 (UTC)
So, I got #4 (I only watched about the first 10 minutes of that movie, so that's probly why I missed it) and 6. Still stuck on 7. Is that Rob Lowe? 15 I had tried the first movie the first time around, but not the second movie, lol. I got 17 because I cheated and went to imdb...but I've never seen that movie, so I'd never have gotten it otherwise. 22 I had tried the first time around, but I didn't realize the title was 3 words instead of 2, haha. I had to think about 23 for awhile before I got it.

Can you give me another clue for 7, and have you had any luck with the others?

9th Feb, 2006 19:54 (UTC)
Nevermind, I got 7...that's Ray Liotta, not Rob Lowe, and I totally just watched that movie a few months ago! Haha!

Okay, so now I'm just missing 8, 9, and 19.
9th Feb, 2006 21:40 (UTC)
I've never seen or heard of 8 & 9, so I don't know how to give clues for them.

19 is a spielberg movie...
8th Feb, 2006 21:24 (UTC)
with a little help
my final score without asking too many questions is 21/30- and I'm okay with that-- although I know I know 26- ah well.
half my "errors" were leaving out "the" or mispelling.

All in all a very hard quiz.
Thanks for sharing.
9th Feb, 2006 04:39 (UTC)
good old 10 out of 30, nothing beats that!
9th Feb, 2006 12:23 (UTC)
That's not bad - concidering you don't watch that many movies.
9th Feb, 2006 16:38 (UTC)
meh...i'd like to think i have better things to do with my time i guess. so yeah, i was susprised i got as many as i did
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