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Today Is Not A Good Day

Oh today I hate you, let me count the ways:

1) Shiny 19" LCD monitor goes kaput and has to be sent back to manufacturer.
2) Site is down all day
3) Have a killer headache
4) When site comes back up it is GONE*
5) 24/7 support seems to mean "we're there all the time, but we ignore you"

So as you can imagine - I'm a little stressed today. On top of the work I need to do none of this helped. The one small highlight was a client came over and we got on rather well and seem to be on the same wavelength with what he wants.

Of course we'll see what happens when I submit a proposal to him...

*Cherie - trying to fix this now from backups, hopefully not a problem, but it gives me another reason to switch hosts when I have the money to pay for a whole year of hosting.

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