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Today Is Not A Good Day

Oh today I hate you, let me count the ways:

1) Shiny 19" LCD monitor goes kaput and has to be sent back to manufacturer.
2) Site is down all day
3) Have a killer headache
4) When site comes back up it is GONE*
5) 24/7 support seems to mean "we're there all the time, but we ignore you"

So as you can imagine - I'm a little stressed today. On top of the work I need to do none of this helped. The one small highlight was a client came over and we got on rather well and seem to be on the same wavelength with what he wants.

Of course we'll see what happens when I submit a proposal to him...

*Cherie - trying to fix this now from backups, hopefully not a problem, but it gives me another reason to switch hosts when I have the money to pay for a whole year of hosting.


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31st Jan, 2006 20:19 (UTC)
If you need a place to toss up whatever until your space is properly fixed. Just lemme know.
31st Jan, 2006 20:25 (UTC)
Nah, its cool. Thanks though.

I'm informed it'll be up in "less than an hour" to the state it was before it went offline.

Apparently the hard drive failed in some unspecified way.
(Deleted comment)
31st Jan, 2006 21:54 (UTC)
Ooo.. um.. well I'd be going with Media Temple's basic package (as there is no need for more than that).

That works out to around $95, plus $10 for renewing your domain (in the next couple of weeks that) if you want to include that! So like.. 105 USD in total for a year - which isn't too bad.

I just can't afford it in a lump, so any help would certainly be appricated!

(Deleted comment)
31st Jan, 2006 22:01 (UTC)
The phrase "crazy awesome" comes to mind! Sure! :)

my gmail should work for paypal :)
31st Jan, 2006 21:42 (UTC)
*sends lavender-oil*
31st Jan, 2006 21:54 (UTC)
Ooooo lavender. Nice :)
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