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bloody hell it's cold.

When I cycled to a 11:30am meeting with a client it was -1C, and it peaked at 2 at about 2pm, now it's back down to 0.

Freeze the balls off a brass monkey, as they say.


25th Jan, 2006 00:49 (UTC)
hey...how come i'm the free gift with purchase? i want to be the purchase!
25th Jan, 2006 00:58 (UTC)
*gasp* my beautiful girl is selling herself on my LJ!

Anyhow, no-one could afford you *smooch* you're worth far too much to me.
25th Jan, 2006 01:20 (UTC)
(I just tell darkcryst that honey- you know I love you best)

And I would happily try to win her if I had the funds.