DarkCryst (darkcryst) wrote,


As I've not been posting on here much I thought I'd do a meta post:

What I'm up to at the moment:
Mostly freelance work, or at least bidding to get freelance work. It's picked up after new year, which is nice. Other than that my days are mostly taken up thinking about Miriam. You think I'm just being mushy? You're wrong.

Where else you can find me:
Twilight Universe - My main site, where I've been writing longer articles recently. You can also pick that up at twilight_site, if you like syndicated feeds.

Miriam starts work tomorrow. I wish her luck, and hope you do to. It's not what she wants to do long term, but as I said: there is rarely something that is bad when it comes to work experience. You can always use it somewhere. Plus she's recently started some digital art classes, which I'm really excited about (possibly more than she is I think).

Also to those of you in the Bay Area, keep your eyes out for the new Killing My Lobster sketch comedy show that will be opening soon - Miriam is now one of the staff writers. It will be funny, I guarantee it.

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