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Oil Explosion

Not too far from me, England burns to the ground...

Oil Depot Blast from Space
click to enlarge
So, not too far west of me, there has been a rather large explosion at an oil depot. It happened not much past 6am, and the smoke is slowly heading this way. It's causing traffic chaos, with motorways closed, most of London under dark clouds of smoke.

It's huge.

It is being treated as an accident, but what an accident. It will be burning for days. Many flights have been cancelled because it would be dangerous to fly out in through the fog. The BBC is running saturated coverage, and the video is startling. The firefighters are trying to prevent the rest of the oil tanks, already visibly warped by the blast, exploding by spraying water on them.

From my window I can see the dark grey smear creeping towards this part of England. It will over central Europe before it stops. Thankfully there have only been a few casualties, and most of them minor injuries. It's pretty incredible to watch.
Oil Depot Blast


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(Deleted comment)
11th Dec, 2005 17:18 (UTC)
Oh don't worry, I'm not THAT close to it, but it's pretty incredible all the same. It would probably take me at least 45mins to drive to that area.

I do know people in that area and one said it was funny watching the news, seeing an explosion, and then hearing it a few seconds later.
11th Dec, 2005 18:57 (UTC)
Wow, that's quite an impressive fire.
12th Dec, 2005 01:08 (UTC)
The pictures of the huge tanks that were dented by the blasts were pretty incredible.

It's going to be going for a while too...
12th Dec, 2005 01:48 (UTC)
Dented tanks? I didn't notice those photos.
12th Dec, 2005 03:38 (UTC)
Well I only saw that on the video footage the BBC was showing at around midday - the other oil storage tanks had been really warped and dented on the side that was facing the initial blast.

They were spraying water on them when the video was shot - trying to stop them from going upin flames.
11th Dec, 2005 22:57 (UTC)
Wow, that's just crazy!
Thanks for the post, though. I don't have tv so I don't keep up on the news and I never would've known.
12th Dec, 2005 01:13 (UTC)
Greg News: Totally Partial, Biased, and English. ;)
12th Dec, 2005 05:08 (UTC)
Haha...well, better to be getting news of England than news of nowhere at all, right? lol
12th Dec, 2005 00:34 (UTC)
and so speeds up the pollution rate and speed of global warming...
12th Dec, 2005 01:07 (UTC)
Yeah, very little coverage of that side of it actually. I tihnk there will be though.
12th Dec, 2005 14:34 (UTC)

I had a strong feeling something large would happen in these days, but ofcourse I had no idea what.
20th Dec, 2005 16:47 (UTC)
plans tomorrow
Hello Greg
The email at the hotel is not working. So could you call me this evening in the next 1/2 hour if you get this? or after 11- we have tickets to billy elliot tonight.
remember it's room 21 thank you
otherwise I'll try you around 9:30am tomorrow.
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