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Fat = Not Good. Deal with it.

I have an announcement to make:

I'm fat.

No, this isn't a cry for help/attention/free teddy bears. This is just something that I thought I'd say.. because I'm about to be very vocal. Call it backstory, foreshadowing, whatever.

I am sick of self-entitled fat people who, when someone uses the term fat in a negative way jump on them and say "OMG HOW DARE YOU I'M FAT AND I'M HAPPY!OMGYOUEBILWENCH!!!!!111!!!"

Get a fucking grip. You are fat, this means you are:
  • Unheathly
  • Probably eating too much
  • Probably excersising too little
  • Not as attractive to the majority of the population as you might be
  • More prone to a whole host of diseases
  • likely to die younger

You know what? That's not a good thing.

Stop calling people prejudiced when they are really calling you what you are: a fat fuck. Get off your ass and do something about it. Me? I'm cycling more, I'm eating less, I'm cutting out most sugar from my diet, and all soda, and I'm trying to limit the ammount of things like bread I eat. Not big steps I think you'll agree: but they will slowly make a difference.

Fat is bad ok? It's got a negative association for a reason. So get away from your LJ communities for 30mins-1hr a day and just DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT YOU WHINY BASTARDS!



15th Nov, 2005 13:37 (UTC)
Sheesh. I agree mostly, but the end of your entry is rather aggressive. It's not easy for me to do something about it and I do whine about it. This is because I live on a crazy busy road where it wouldn't be safe to exercise and I live in a tiny part of a house where there really isn't any room (though I have tried and may try again).

Of course fat is negative and I wouldn't outright call someone fat. I would be offended if someone decided to call me fat. On the other hand, my husband has admitted I'm overweight and that's fine! I can deal with it. Being called fat is pretty rude though.

In any case, if someone is mentioning your weight in a non-rude manner, it probably means they care so that's fine. I would probably not yell at someone who called me fat, but I would be incredibly hurt. Even if I wasn't trying to help myself, I need to be accepted by people with whatever limitations I've got. Having mental and physical diseases doesn't help me.
15th Nov, 2005 16:08 (UTC)
Ditto sheesh.

Good on you for making a change though- it isn't easy to undo, but it can be undone. I know I am trying to change it too.
15th Nov, 2005 18:24 (UTC)
Yeah... I post when angry *shrugs*

Agressive? Yeah, the "fat fuck" line is a bit harsh.. but the rest I think stands ok.

And yeah, sometimes the hardest thing is deciding, and starting, to make the change
15th Nov, 2005 18:15 (UTC)
Oh god, no this isn't about anyone on my friends list, or posts in someones journal.

It's about those people that get all entitled about it, especially those that get really worked up in LJ comminities. If someone comments negatively about a persons weight in a post (say for example... "I saw someone from high-school today, they got really fat.. hahaha"), and they are suddenly all going "YEAH they are fat. SO?!!" and picking fights.

I've never understood the "fat is rude" thing tho. It's a description, a negative one, but only because the idea is that being heavily overweight is negative.
15th Nov, 2005 18:45 (UTC)
I didn't think you were talking about me, but it sounded like an attack on anyone overweight. I can understand what you mean about people defending it, I don't think that's right. I don't think people should feel it's good to be overweight. However, if I were to call you fat (even if you think of yourself as fat), wouldn't that not be nice? I'm not saying I think that you are. I'm saying that I can't understand how someone could NOT take offence or feel hurt by being called 'fat'. Lingo does matter.
15th Nov, 2005 19:49 (UTC)
Well it wouldn't be polite certainly... but it would be accurate.

I think there is a difference though. One is an observation, the other is a direct assersion to the person. Obviously an unprompted "You're fat" is rude, because there is no grounds for it. But that is less about the fact someone is fact and more about the tactfulness of negative descriptions in polite conversation.

However I don't think using it as a descriptive term is rude. If you wanted to be precise you could use some extra descriptive term.. but then that term will just eventually be called rude.