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Can't. Wait.

Not long now! Now that the panic of thinking I'd lost my passport (or rather... knowing I still had it but not being able to work out where it was) is over I can pack.

Yeah.. last minute much?

Weeeee! I get to see my beautiful girlfriend!!


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19th Oct, 2005 14:22 (UTC)
yay for happy stuff!
19th Oct, 2005 14:43 (UTC)
Yay! Have a safe trip and a wonderful time!
19th Oct, 2005 14:59 (UTC)
YAY!!! :D Say hi to California for me! God I miss that place! Have a great time! But you don't need me to tell you to do that, hehe.
19th Oct, 2005 17:49 (UTC)
Yahoo! I hope you two have a frabjous time. :)
19th Oct, 2005 23:36 (UTC)
I once thought I'd lost my passport when I was travelling around Europe, as it turned out it had simply been stolen.

Have a good one mate.
20th Oct, 2005 02:47 (UTC)
Uh oh - There goes the neighborhood! ;)
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