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Cool San Francisco Bike Sculpture

The SprinkcycleThe Sprinkcycle!
I concider myself lucky that I am involved with an extremely talented artist (albeit one whose website I need to redesign). One of the bonuses of this is that I get to be extremely proud of her, and pimp her stuff.

This is one of those times.

If you are in or around San Francisco and the Bay Area on Thursday, October 6th then you should check out the Red Ink Gallery because it is running a really nifty show of sculptures out of bikes. Crazy things, cool things, things that just look wild.

It's all about the SF Bicycle Film Festival

My beautiful girlfriend Miriam is going to be an exhibitor there, with her Sprinkcycle (a bike that sprinkles cupcakes. Yes, cupcakes. There will be cupcakes. I repeat cupcakes). If it were not for several thousand miles... I so would be there to. It sounds too cool to pass up.

It's open from from 7pm to midnight, Thursday, October 6th. Be there, or miss twisted bike sculpture.

I'm really proud of you Miriam *smooch*


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21st Sep, 2005 07:27 (UTC)
of course, looking at all the other people who are going to be in the show, i noticed that none of them are doing sculpture...which is odd, considering when i was invited to be a part of it, the previous curator told me it was "stuff made out of bikes"
i think they just wanted the cupcakes.

it's going to be wierd, if you click the links of all the other people, they are all famous established artists who have clients like Visa and billabong and are in SF moma, and then...theres me!
21st Sep, 2005 16:07 (UTC)
why? because you rule! ;)


22nd Sep, 2005 07:41 (UTC)
btw, i love how your cofee post got ten comments and this post has 2 and their from me and you, i feel so loved and appreciated :P
22nd Sep, 2005 18:58 (UTC)
That only proves that people are wierd about coffee ;)
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