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Firstly: No drama, just a friends trim.

No offense to anyone I've cut, I'm just either not reading you, or we're not talking, or you don't post. It pretty much comes down to that. Nothing personal.

If you think I accidentally clicked too many checkboxes comment and let me know, maybe you've been away or something. Thats cool. I just needed to trim the chaff.

Now onto more important things...

I've been a bit of an ass, and I feel a public apology is in order. Specifically to miriammiriam, my lovely Miriam.

A little while ago I added someone to my friends list because I though she had an interesting journal and wrote well. Nothing wrong with that you might think, however there is another proviso here: she works in the sex industry.

Now she's pretty upfront about this, which I suppose was kind of refreshing. However I should have thought how this would impact Miriam. When you are in a long distance relationship it is the little things that can mean a lot. Miriam knows she has nothing to worry about from this woman (I hope..), but I understand why she is upset by it. Miriam means far, far, more to me than someone I've only just met. So I happily deleted this other woman from my contacts. Not a problem.

However... trying to remember where I had encountered her journal I thought I had seen her on Warren Ellis's LJ, or maybe Cheries. I was wrong. I didn't mean to lie about that, it was just my best recollection at the time. But I was still wrong. Understandably that didn't look too good. Especially as it turned out I probably saw her at boobiebar which I found vie customers_suck. Again, doesn't look to good does it? Like I have some kind of nudie bar fetish or something. I don't, I just found them both interesting, but that isn't point: I should have at least mentioned them because I should have known it could have been an issue.

All in all: I was thoughtless, and should have at least mentioned it to Miriam. For some reason I didn't actually think it would be an issue, which looking back is pretty fucking dumb I know, and of course it was.

I don't talk about Miriam on here a lot, hell I don't talk on here a lot full stop any more, but I really should. Miriam gives me purpose in life, she makes me happy. She is a wonderful and talented artist who makes me laugh and cry, and is someone I want to spend the rest of my life with. She is everything to me, and it hurts me when I hurt her; however that happens.

I have had probably one of the worst days in recent memory, beating myself up, just because I've hurt her. It wasn't what I wanted, and I would never intentionally hurt, or lie to, her. LDR's are hard, and we both know that. I should have been more respectful of her feelings and I know that. I'm kicking myself for putting us both in this situation.

There's not much I can say that I haven't said, but here it is again: I'm sorry hon. I love you with all my heart, I never want to be without you. It hurts to see you hurting because of something goddamn careless and stupid on my part. If there is anything, anything, I can do... let me know.. because I don't want to be without you; you are my everything, my world, my love.


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12th Sep, 2005 21:33 (UTC)

stuff like this happens to everyone. It will all work out.
13th Sep, 2005 00:07 (UTC)
i'm trying to decide if this post makes me look like the stereotypical nagging girlfriend who does'nt approve of the concepts of prostitution and stripping...because if it does, i feel like i should make a rebuttal post or something. i like strippers, and the concept of stripping. i am a bigger pervert than you are, and i wouldnt have a problem with it because i'm pretty secure with my body and my desireability and all that jazz...it was more the fact that she lives way closer to you than i do and you never mentioned her to me. the fact that she is interesting made it worse and the whole stripper thing just was the icing on the sexy cake of insecurity and distrust. and then the whole misunderstanding about where you met her....other things....etc.
i'm repeating myself now since i know darkcryst and i already talked about it, but i felt like i should have a say in this public record. i fully support boobies...just not clandestine ones, accidental or not.
13th Sep, 2005 09:55 (UTC)
You're both fine...and I'm sure that you're both sufficiently pervy. ;)

LDR's are hard yes, but admitting they are hard and doing something about it (and avoiding sneaking about behind anyone's back) is they way to go.

*smooshy hugs you both*

13th Sep, 2005 10:52 (UTC)
i hope all is resolved.
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