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Musical Boredom

Bored, plus going through my CD's, equal musical mode of mind.

I don't normally do meme's, but I think is an interesting one.

Your Life: The Soundtrack

Created by aiko and taken 34994 times on Bzoink

Opening creditsSteppenwold - Magic Carpet Ride
Waking upGorillaz - Dare
Average dayNew Order - Blue Monday
First dateA-Ha - Take On Me
Falling in loveOrbital - Halcyon + On + On
Love sceneGoldfrapp - Ooh La La
Fight sceneE.S. Posthumous - Pompeii
Breaking upBrian Tyler & Klaus Badelt - I Left Her Alone
Getting back togetherEsthero - Song For Holly
Secret loveBjork - The Hunter
Life's okayJane Siberry - It Can't Rain All The Time
Mental breakdownSigur Rós - Popplagið
DrivingThe Trashmen - Surfin' Bird
Learning a lessonAkira Yamaoka -
Deep thoughtLamb - Lullaby
FlashbackMassive Attack - Angel
PartyingUnderworld - Cowgirl/Born Slippy
Happy danceThe Rocky Horror Show - Time Warp
RegretingJoy Gordon - Slept So Long
Long night aloneClive Mansell - Lux Aeterna
Death sceneJohn Murphy - In The House, In a Heartbeat
Closing creditsLynyrd Skynyrd - Free Bird

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