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Short Fantastic Four Review

Exactly what I expected from it. Given that FF was never a deep, dark, or generally very clever comic.

Fun, stupid, well performed, good sfx. Average blockbuster script, that could have been much much worse. Not big, not clever, but fun. See it on the big screen tho, DVD just wouldn't be the same.

Overall: a C+ comic book movie, who's sequel would probably rock a lot more as the first 3/4 of this movie is all introduction to characters.

To compare, Batman Begins would have got an A. Then again, I would have given Hellboy a B+, so draw from that what you will.


23rd Jul, 2005 18:20 (UTC)
the only way i will ever see that movie is if i'm sick at home on the couch in 5 years and it comes on tv and i'm too lazy to move to get the remote and change the channel. and even then i would call you at work and make you come home and change the channel.