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So, a week to the day I start working there, London was under attack again. Yesturday apparently went very wrong, thankfully. It could have easily been a repeat of two weeks ago. The think I hate most about this is that it worries Miriam.

However earlier today police chased down, shot, and killed a suspect. This is pretty dramatic by itself but...

"They pushed him to the floor, bundled on top of him and unloaded five shots into him."

- Mark Whitby - BBC News

Now... the terrorists are assholes. Misguided, fanatical, easily led, maybe. Assholes? Sure. But why did they pin the guy down and then shoot him? That's slightly disturbing to me.

From an evidence point of view it's dumb as well. This guy could have had important information. The only thing I can think of is that maybe he had a device on him. That is the only thing that would warrant such drastic action.

London is a wierd place to be right now...

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