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Moving On...

Where to start?

Miriam left the shores of this green and pleasant land on Monday. Seeing her walk around the corner was really hard, for both of us. We've both decided that we can't keep doing this, absence might make the heart grow fonder, but parting is a bitch. I think we both know we're pretty serious about each other, so it's not like that's a surprise.

So I was in a funk the rest of the day really, had a bit of a sniffle etc, but (as I promised Miriam) I went out and distracted myself, in this case with Dave, and by watching The Descent (great scary movie that is clever and silly, from the guy who made Dog Soliders). That helped. A lot.

The two months we just spent together were a wonderful, fabulous thing, and I'm sure that trend will continue as long as we're together. Oh and yes, we're very much that cute couple you'd probably hate ;)

I really miss her.

In other news, I started my new job at 20Six yesterday. All is going well and it's a really nice relaxed atmosphere here. I'll talk more about that at some other point, but I thought I'd mention it.

There's much more I could say, and intended to say originally, but it would sound whiney and I didn't want it to be that. Miriam's time here was a time of happyness and fun, and I'm at a new job that promises to be that too. Keeping things on the up I guess :)

btw - I am reading everyone, just not commenting much atm, I find myself typing comments and then deleting them before I post. Wierd huh?


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15th Jul, 2005 16:50 (UTC)
I am glad that you two had good times while you were together over there. I know how much it hurts to see the person you want to be with leave.

Just use that as fuel to get you permanently together that much sooner.

15th Jul, 2005 17:07 (UTC)
Yeah, that parting thing is a bitch. Got any plans for stopping the back and forthing?

I hope you don't have many more partings. :-/
15th Jul, 2005 17:18 (UTC)
unfortunately we will probably end up having a few more partings planned.
15th Jul, 2005 17:57 (UTC)
Yeah, it definitely sucks. If it didn't suck, though, it wouldn't be worth doing.

I think long-distance couples are less likely to take each other for granted than couples who get to see each other all the time. You know what it's like to have to go without seeing the person you love, and make the most of the time you do get to spend together. Plus, it takes a lot of strength, security, honesty and trust to make it work. If you succeed at it, I think you've got a pretty strong foundation to build your future together on.

You have my warmest thoughts and deepest sympathy.
16th Jul, 2005 12:51 (UTC)
Parting is such sweet sorrow, the man said - that I shall say good night till it be morrow. Your morrows will come, GregandMiriam. After actually having seen you together, I am confident you will endure. And Greg - if you *ever* need to bitch, whine, moan, complain or talk about this stuff - I'm often on msn, you have my cell and I do understand.
21st Jul, 2005 11:55 (UTC)
I've been going through my friends list and making stops...
at the places where I've had things to say but had no time. Presently, I'm waiting for the furnace to heat water for my shower and I'm out of paint, so it's the perfect time to do more catching up!

This may seem strange, but when I read this post, I was moved to make this offer and I completely mean it. The husband's good with it, too. Should you ever find yourself in the NY area and Miriam's able to meet you there, but you can't necessarily swing the dreaded metro prices to spend time together? PLEASE feel free to be our guests here.

I just had this feeling that your new job might bring you here and it could be a possibility. When I've failed to act on those feelings, I've regretted it.
4th Aug, 2005 17:50 (UTC)
I'm really late in replying, but *hugs* I know what you guys are going through and I wish you both the brightest future together and hope you'll be together for good soon!
4th Aug, 2005 21:23 (UTC)
aww *hugs* thank you hon.
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