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20Six: New Job!

codeOk, after keeping my mouth shut for far too long I can finally talk about this...

I have a new job... and I got it through my blog.

The new company is 20six, a European blogging company who are looking to totally revamp their products and in turn where looking for people who "get" the web. It's nice to be thought of that way. I have to say I'm totally looking forward to this. I get to be "Senior VP of UI Engineering" which is a nice way of saying Lead Designer with knobs on. Senior VP! I still get the warm fuzzies at that.

Apparently they noticed a post of mine a while back about a position at Technorati that I thought looked perfect for me. Now while 20six isn't in San Fransisco, they thought they could offer up something similar or better -- even without the lovely Bay Area location. Max there sent me an email.

I almost deleted it because I thought it was spam.

Since then I've met up with the guys and gals at 20six, and they all seem to be great and have a really positive attitude about future developments there, and best of all -- they want me to help develop this enviroment. I get to commute into London, which is a good and bad thing, and I get to make the web a better place.

I start there in a few weeks, and I'm still stunned over all this.

This, in addition to a certain sexy distraction, explains my complete utter lack of presence on here and lack of progress on some other projects for certain people. I'll tell you more soon!

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