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Video Time


Click the image above to see a short message from Miriam to everyone, and click here to see one from both of us at Hampton Court.

Regular updates to restart at some point... I promise.


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21st Jun, 2005 16:07 (UTC)
I would, but my laptop and computer don't play sounds...I don't know why but yeah. I should have D fix that at some point.
21st Jun, 2005 16:49 (UTC)
Awww. You guys look good together. I believe I even hear a bit of an English accent forming from Miriam ;]
21st Jun, 2005 18:37 (UTC)
Dang it. It wants some kind of plugin and I'm heading out just now. I'll see if I can fix it when I come back.
21st Jun, 2005 21:25 (UTC)
Just right click on it and say Save As, it's just an AVI file (compressed with Windows Mpeg-4 codec). Any PC with Windows Media Player 7 or above should play it...
22nd Jun, 2005 04:27 (UTC)
Yes, yes...but I've only macs. I'm going to work on the problem some more just now. :)
22nd Jun, 2005 08:53 (UTC)
Ah... good point. I would have used DivX, but last time people complained that they couldn't use it... so I went for compatibility. Except that screwed up Macs :(
22nd Jun, 2005 04:59 (UTC)
finally! Commandeered Lynn's computer and watched vids. I think you both like saying merry old England quite a bit. :p

Sorry that Miriam has to go back so soon. Perhaps I can persuade you both to come up to Scotland next trip?

*hugs you both so you're all squenched together* :)
8th Jul, 2005 14:41 (UTC)
You guys are too cute for words, Greg. : ) It's great to see you happy. <3
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