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So LJ has Tags now. Can't say I'm impressed, or even pressed.

Tagging in blogs is pretty old now, in internet terms anyhow. The implementation LJ has done is ugly, clunky, not particularly useful, and requires more work than any other tagging system I've used.

Just seems really rushed out and unfinished... I mean how ugly does this lump look at the bottom of this entry?


16th Jun, 2005 16:42 (UTC)
yeah, it's a lot less than it should be.
i guess we all just get so little innovation from lj now days, anything seems good. i'm glad their finally doing it, now maybe they will clean it up a bit with time. putting br tags after my post will start to get old really quick...
16th Jun, 2005 16:47 (UTC)
Yeah, the code is not stellar either.

Frankly I was hoping for ping/trackback integration first. Thats more important, but seems they are interested in fluffy things that don't add anything... reminds me why I have another blog.

That said, I'm not here for the technology, I'm here for the people :)