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Who's Bad?

[Originally posted in my Twilight Universe Blog]

Michael Jackson was just pronouced not guilty on all charges. This does not surprise me.

Sure, he's kinda wierd. He's hanging onto a youth he never had. He looks just plain odd after too much facial work. This does not make him a child molester, it just makes him very, very naive about the way the world works, and open to this lawsuit.

I find him facinating, as a person and artist, and loved his work in the 80's and 90's. The last decade has not been kind to him, hopefully this will put some final seal on the mess; it being an actual court verdict and everything.

Not guilty, not evil, not crazy, just not living in the same reality as the rest of us.

I'm glad this media frenzy is finally over. Someone's life being destroyed is not entertainment. The sooner we all wake up and realise that, the better this world will be.

[edit - also, what was up with the lady with white doves? Nutty woman clutching her chest all the time, I thought she was going to faint… or kill one of those doves…]


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13th Jun, 2005 22:03 (UTC)
I am not entirely certain he is not guilty, but I too am glad the media frenzy is over. I also agree that it should not be entertainment to destroy a life. I certainly wouldn't want my crimes, or supposed crimes aired for all the world to see.

I sat as a juror on a child abuse case... I can see how easy it is for someone to get out of such a crime when there are no witnesses. They only have to prove reasonable doubt. Also Michael was abused as a child making him much more likely to do it himself.

That said, legally he is an innocent man and I don't think he should be treated as if he was found guilty. I still would find it very difficult to send my child to his home. Unfortunate? Maybe. Sensible? Probably. Just? Probably not.
13th Jun, 2005 22:08 (UTC)
I think the defense more than proved it beyond reasonable doubt, at least from the evidence that has been mentioned.

Frankly he does put himself in these kind situations by trying to be a kid, also not surprising given his history.

I honestly don't think he abuses children, but I do think he's very, very sheltered and really doesn't understand why many people see what he does and how he behaves as wierd, or possibly wrong. I don't think it probably is wrong, but it certainly is easy to make it look that way: which is exactly what this childs mother has done.
13th Jun, 2005 22:12 (UTC)
Fair enough... I didn't follow the trial that closely to be honest.

Of course NAMBLA doesn't think what they are doing is wrong either. Just because there are valid reasons behind something doesn't mean it is okay. The man needs counseling if nothing else.

I probably need counseling. Heh.
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