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Guild Wars

My character enjoying the summer breeze
God help me... I've gone and got a MMPOG game again. I've played out DAoC, I was a mod of the offical forums for Eve-Online and I still play it, not to mention the oodles of these games I reviewed and tested working for the GateNetwork... and now I've gone and bought Guild Wars.

So far I really like this game. Its great for the casual mmpog gamer like me, but I feel that it has enough depth to hold other gamers. Plus its absolutely beautiful. I really prefer the look it has to World of Warcraft which is a great game, but something about this game feels nicer. Plus its free.

No monthly fees? In a massively multiplayer game? Cunning eh? I don't know what their business model is, but I like it!

That shot above is the size I captured it at, just cropped. Looks damn good huh? There is a real attention to detail in this game that, while not quite up to WoW's standard, is pretty damn great. I'll be losing a good few hours of my day to this game I expect, at least until Miriam gets here, then I'll be gaining a good few hours with her. My character name is Quinn Lightfoot if you want to add me as a friend in game, I'd love to meet up with people in there. Hopefully I'll at least see moriarty6 in there at some point...


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10th May, 2005 23:19 (UTC)
Ill add ya! Ive also taken to Guild Wars after City Of Heroes recent update patch has too many bugs to be workable >.<

My character is Jorim Delain, so whisper me sometime and we can gang up on some Skarr.
11th May, 2005 01:10 (UTC)
hee. I have that too! I will have to add ya when I am in game next. I cannot recall my characters names right now. :-/
11th May, 2005 07:15 (UTC)
you have 6 days left of freedom, so enjoy them while you can ;)
Quinn? Quinn? QUINN tra la la ?
oh that's right...we agreed quinn was the good name and quentin was the geeky nerd name of the guy everyone hates ;)
11th May, 2005 18:09 (UTC)

Yes Quinn is the cool name ;) :P
11th May, 2005 14:46 (UTC)
I feel you.

11th May, 2005 18:11 (UTC)
nice shot! Where is that? I'm still bounding around the cities fields pre-searing.
11th May, 2005 20:14 (UTC)
have you seen hitchhikers guide to the galaxy yet? it looks like i'm not seeing it with anyone here after all...and i want to...should i just wait and see it with you or recruit someone here?
11th May, 2005 20:35 (UTC)
I have seen it, but I wouldn't mind seeing it again :)

I enjoyed it a lot.
12th May, 2005 04:59 (UTC)
oh okay, well i went and saw it anyway, so nevermind...but i liked it a lot too, it was really funny
27th May, 2005 05:03 (UTC)
You still play EVE? I'm currently fiddling about with a Buddy (14-Day Trial) account, possibly going to be reactivating my old account. That is, if I find enough incentive to. Gimmie a ring - I'm "Sleazy" (a joke account, for sure).

I find it ironic that even though I have two free WoW accounts (which I use) I still need some other MMOG.
27th May, 2005 07:23 (UTC)
Re: EVE?
Yeah, I've got a free Eve account, so I'm still in there. Aleksi is my usual character, but I'm not playing much as my girlfriend is over from the US right now.

Two free WoW accounts huh? lucky git ;)
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