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Car Update

Finally had to go through the insurers about the car.

My repairs I have to pay for anyhow. (third party F&T) and they'll come to 80 pounds or so... could be worse.

I got a phone call from the guys I backed into. They claim it'll cost about 300-400 pounds to fix their car.


Sorry but I'm not paying for you to completely repair your rotten bodywork in you crappy ass 500 pound worth 1989 bmw 3 series.
If you car has rotten body work, don't expect me to pay for it.

I know for a fact that including labour the damage could be fixed for around 250 maximum. So... pah.. let the insurers sort it out.

Means I'll lose my no-claims for 2 years tho... arse. It's my fault tho I guess.. so.. shouldn't grumble.

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