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Is it wrong of me to find it intensely amusing that my personal blog gets more hits in a day than my companies website gets in a whole month?

Anyhow, yes.. my blog. I've been posting a lot on it recently, especially amusing asides... so if you like it please do add it to your RSS aggrigator/thunderbird/just read it. It's somewhat jumped in popularity recently -- which is nice -- but rather unexpected. You might find it especially interesting or useful if you have a WordPress blog, but thats only a small portion of what I post.

Anyhow, off to vote!


6th May, 2005 12:44 (UTC)
Liberal Democrats, because Labour or the Greens hasn't a chance in hell of getting in in Brentwood, and I hate the current Conservative MP.

The sitting MP (and the one who won.. *sigh*) is a conservative dolt called Eric Pickles. He's turned up to barely over a 1/3 of parliment votes. Great representation that.

Sadly Brentwood is pretty safe for the conservatives - lots of farmers and landowners here. Much liek the US election you see the more authoritarian, and more right wing parties doing well in "the sticks" and the more middling parties doing better in the cities.
7th May, 2005 09:22 (UTC)