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Phrases are often mis-quoted. Here's one I noticed earlier today:

"Hoist with his own petard"

The correct phrase is "Hoisted by his own petard." A petard is a keg of gunpowder that would be placed against castle/fortress gates and lit. The fuses were rather unreliable -- so an unlucky, or just plain incompetant, engineer could be hoisted (blown up) by his own petard.

What are ones you've noticed or that irritate you?


22nd Apr, 2005 20:10 (UTC)
The word that people spell/ pronounce wrong the most that bothers me is the word "probably." It is not prolly, the word is PRO-BAB-LY. THREE syllables!!! Yeesh. Some people.

(as an aside, where did you get the "countdown to cute"?)
22nd Apr, 2005 20:34 (UTC)
heh, I abbrivate it online, because I'm a lazy typist in IM/IRC. I try not to do it in posts, but I've done it in comments.

But spoken? argh.. that would annoy me. Then again I've noticed I've often started dropping the "ab" so it becomes probly, which is close to prolly... when I catch myself doing that it annoys me.

The countdown to cute image is one I made myself (its hosted on my webspace) the photo is of my girlfriend kissing me on the cheek, and its a countdown till when she lands at Heathrow Airport :)

The box itself is just a basic customisation of the S2 template (a user layer I think). Using a template funtion.
22nd Apr, 2005 23:21 (UTC)
aaaactually....I made that one for once! haha! i cropped out your eye which you said looked funny ;) remember?
3 more weeks!
22nd Apr, 2005 23:27 (UTC)
Good point, you cropped it to that from the photo I took. I more mean the image as a countdown tho.. as its generated by php code from that image ;)
22nd Apr, 2005 23:36 (UTC)
well, la dee da mr. englishman
23rd Apr, 2005 09:43 (UTC)
yes! I doff my top-hat at you :P ;)
23rd Apr, 2005 17:30 (UTC)
well i doff my chinchilla at you in retaliation.