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Phrases are often mis-quoted. Here's one I noticed earlier today:

"Hoist with his own petard"

The correct phrase is "Hoisted by his own petard." A petard is a keg of gunpowder that would be placed against castle/fortress gates and lit. The fuses were rather unreliable -- so an unlucky, or just plain incompetant, engineer could be hoisted (blown up) by his own petard.

What are ones you've noticed or that irritate you?


22nd Apr, 2005 15:49 (UTC)
The misuse of ironic/irony really bugs me, too. It's one of those words people use to try to sound smart, and use it improperly and make themselves look quite stupid. How ironic!

"For all intensive purposes." Grr.

A little while ago, my mom was making herself some tea. She wasn't sure yet what kind of tea she wanted, but she said "Usually I'll be in the kitchen, wondering what to have, when it literally hits me." So I asked "You mean, the box of tea falls out of the cabinet and lands on you?" and this is when I got called a smartypants : P

I know these aren't really related, but it drives me crazy when people say things like "I use to go there all the time" or "I'm suppose to do that today." Or, "I should of seen that coming."

People need to think before they speak/write! >: (
22nd Apr, 2005 19:54 (UTC)
yeeeah... Litterally really bugs me too. I used to over-use it, but at least I was using it correctly.

Basically I think a lot of this is comming down to: People just don't know the damn language they are speaking properly. *sigh*