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Phrases are often mis-quoted. Here's one I noticed earlier today:

"Hoist with his own petard"

The correct phrase is "Hoisted by his own petard." A petard is a keg of gunpowder that would be placed against castle/fortress gates and lit. The fuses were rather unreliable -- so an unlucky, or just plain incompetant, engineer could be hoisted (blown up) by his own petard.

What are ones you've noticed or that irritate you?


22nd Apr, 2005 14:30 (UTC)
  • "fustrated"
  • "supposably"
  • people who use "idea" and "ideal" interchangeably
  • people who describe something as "ironic" that is merely coincidence
  • people who way "chaise lounge". it's "chaise longue, goddammit!
  • people who attempt to correct me when I explain that it's longue, not lounge. bitch, only one of us in this room speaks French, and it ain't you.

    I'm sure I'll think of more.
  • darkcryst
    22nd Apr, 2005 19:52 (UTC)
    argh argh argh... those are all eeeeevil. Tho I can understand the "ironic" one as its soooo missused.

    Still annoying tho.