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Birthday Breakage

I want to say thank you to the fabulous Bana, for taking me out to Colchester Zoo for my birthday on Sunday. A complete inhability to drive because of my damaged hand meant I thought I would be stuck home alone for my 25th, but very graciously she proved me wrong and picked me up.

I love zoo's. They still have the same "wow" factor they held for me as a child. Colchester Zoo is one of the best in the country and certainly has changed since I was there around 15 years ago! However the Orangutan's still make me just stare in wonder, as do the Giraffe and Elephants.

Incredible stuff. I'll be posting up some more photos in my Flickr PhotoStream as and when I can.

Currently however I'm slightly limited as the accident I had last Thursday has left me with damaged tendons, and a posible fracture to my right wrist. Great.

Therefore serious typing is rather delayed, unfortunatly. Anyhow, enjoy the photos, leave some comments telling me what you think!


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18th Apr, 2005 22:20 (UTC)
I lovelovelove zoos! I'm a fanatic! I just adore animals...especially penguins and monkeys!! :D When D and I were both working, we went to a lot of zoos. Man, I so miss that. Thanks so much for sharing these! I hope your wrist heals quickly!
18th Apr, 2005 22:32 (UTC)
You would have loved the penguin section at colchester - they were being fed when we got there so we ran away lest we be trampled on my small children... but they were cute fat and waddly ;)
18th Apr, 2005 22:51 (UTC)
nice, but no photos of you, so F-
18th Apr, 2005 23:13 (UTC)

I haven't got all the photos up yet, there will be some from my birthday that feature me ;)
18th Apr, 2005 23:35 (UTC)
i'm marking them down one grade point every day they are late
19th Apr, 2005 00:00 (UTC)
Vaguely on-topic rambling
Ah, someone in my mask-making class last year made a mask of a red panda. I wish I had a picture to show you -- it was fantastic! I ended up making a kinkajou mask because nobody knows what a kinkajou is, so nobody could tell me that it didn't look like one. It's suffering adhesive failures now, but it's still more than enough to scare the poor dog to pieces.

Happy (slightly belated) birthday! I very nearly bought you a present that I was going to make Miriam give to you. It would have gone nicely with what she mentioned about your present being the fact that she's going to be there in four weeks, I think...
19th Apr, 2005 05:59 (UTC)
Re: Vaguely on-topic rambling
hmm...yeah i'm sure he would have loved it too ;) i would have gotten it myself if i had the money...but hey, we've got some time to get something similar and i'm coming down to santa cruz for a few days before i leave ;)

haha, yet another present that he does'nt know the identity of despite all my various vague clues
19th Apr, 2005 06:13 (UTC)
Re: Vaguely on-topic rambling
Teehee... Yes, I realized just now that you've got a birthday coming up, too. Of course, I always have trouble because you're far too easy to shop for and I keep finding fifty bajillion different things to buy you.
19th Apr, 2005 17:10 (UTC)
Re: Vaguely on-topic rambling
oh yeah, i kind of forgot about my birthday...i guess because i'll be in england for it
i think i might have a combined my birthday/kai's birthday party when i get back though
20th Apr, 2005 06:51 (UTC)
Happy Belated Birthday! Hope the wrist heals fast ;) Or at least before Cuteness arrives!

PS Love the pics! I also found the Orangutan mesmerizing, like I was staring into the eyes of a strange man who was somehow mistakenly captured with the other animals.
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