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Crazy People

theferrett started a fire in his blog recently by posting that he agreed with an article written by a concervative critising liberals.

Now I won't talk about the term liberal more than I already have, except to say this: Don't call anyone in the US left-wing. Please. The Democrats are, much like The Labour Party, still to the right of center in any political graph you care to draw. There is no such thing as a mainstream left-wing party in the US or UK. They are just more left than the right wing party.

Having said that -- I agree with the Ferret, the article is good. It shows how many stupid people there are on all sides.

Notice I said all -- This is not a two sided issue. There is not just two sides to chose from, you can disagree with both mainstream sides in politics and guess what? You can still be right. The point is more that extremism, whoever it is, is retarded.

The moment you say, mentally or otherwise, this is what is right because it is what I believe is right, and everyone else must be wrong: You're an idiot. You lose debating privilages. It doesn't matter if you thump a bible or call Rush Limbaugh worse than Hitler. You're an idiot, you are hurting your "side" and you are ignoring the posibility that you could be wrong, mis-informed, or just plain dumb.

There aren't two sides, stop acting like there are. I'm no more left-wing than I am right, and have views in both arenas, but I've been called a "liberal" before now. It is these people, be their religious right wing, or democratic liberal tree huggers that are dangerous -- not because they are wrong, but because they refuse to accept that they could be.


22nd Apr, 2005 00:11 (UTC)
Er.. we totally do have the same problem with imigrants. Man you wouldn't believe it. Its not the imigrants that are the problem -- its how a system deals with them. Poor imigration handling isn't an argument for or against a national health service, neither is a mis-managed one, its just an argument for better management.

As far as the US-Canada thing goes, I know a lot of Americans go to Canada for cheap meds. So it works both ways. I'm not sure how their system is set up, so I can't comment on the supply and demand issue, except that it seems to work here pretty damn well, for the most part. Its not perfect, but then again no system is.

Most of the issues you present sound like under-funding, and poor managment.

The US conservative view on health care is in interesting, and mostly closed door to me actually. Aside from "not good" I don't know the specifics. As to UK healthcare, I can tell you that there is not exactly a shortage of doctors, but it is more lucrative for doctors to specialise and so, in this way, privatised health care is actually bad for the country as a whole. Top-heavy I assume means too much red tape and management, we still have that, but it is lessening. Just about.

It IS a big drain on the government, but if they were to remove it there would be a revolt and, aside from education and immigration, healthcare is usually one of the top election issues (and we have one on May 5th.. fun *groan*).

Never fear getting political, or opinionated, its funny actually -- I was jsut writing a post about that. As long as people don't get crazy, and are rational I don't mind. Even just agreeing to disagree is fine :)

Overall my opinion is this tho: Its a good thing, if run properly. However it needs a system that supports it.