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Old Bomb Shelter

Old Bomb Shelter
Originally uploaded by Gregory Wild-Smith.
Currently I'm giving myself a personal combined new years resolution & birthday present (its my birthday this sunday).

I'm getting fit. Or at least starting to try.

I'm doing it by actually using my bike. Its a nice bike, a Trek, so I should use the damn thing. One advantage to the nice weather recently is that I can go off-road without drowning. So I get to explore little footpaths and byways.

Suburban exploration.

I've photographed this subject before when it was covered in snow a good few years ago, but I love it, and it was such a nice day. So enjoy -- also the observant among you will notice I've finally broken down and gotten a Flickr account. I guess I realised I must have been missing something big.

Enjoy. I'll post more the more I ride.


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12th Apr, 2005 01:07 (UTC)
pretty picture . . .
12th Apr, 2005 03:27 (UTC)
aaah...the ooold make out spot....oh wait...that was the playground
those poor children.
12th Apr, 2005 12:55 (UTC)
very cool.. Like the notes feature. I assume that service/Flickr costs?
12th Apr, 2005 22:08 (UTC)
Nope, well.. not unless you want it to. Flickr is a bit like LJ - you get more if you pay, but its just more of what you already have.

Notes is part of it too - and you can post to your blog directly from Flickr as well. Its pretty cool. I recomend it. I think I'm going to use it for all my actual photos and my moblog for.. well, more informal stuff.
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