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I am Jack's furious spleen....

I am so pissed off.

Today I got pulled up at work by my line-manager. Why?

For finding a bug in our software.

Or rather - for reporting it. Aparently only "really serious" bugs need to be reported. Aparently we don't need to know about trival bugs. Aparently no bug database needs to be "that complete". Aparently you can bug test internationally distributed software in three weeks. Aparently I'm making myself look foolish by arguing semantics.

Bullshit. You condecending fuckwit.

Ok, so it was a trivial bug, it was something I didn't expect to get fixed as it was a minor UI issue. The point is that if it isn't going to get fix, fine, but at least have it on record! Semantics? Something is either a bug, or its not. And how can arguing semantics be bad? Clearing up the fundemental meaning of something sounds pretty fucking important.

Thankfully this guy is leaving the company next week and I won't have to deal with his retarded idea of software management. Which, as far as I can tell, consists of lots of paperwork and discussion of an issue, and then leaving it til so last minute that it can't be changed or not fixing it because, well.. "no-one's called us to say its a problem."

If he wasn't leaving I would be looking for another job right now. Sadly I'm not sure how much stuff will change when he's gone.. but I guess I'll see.

Jesus I'm mad...


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24th Mar, 2005 18:06 (UTC)
*helps ya kick his sorry arse out of the door*
24th Mar, 2005 18:34 (UTC)
*pets* subliminal messaging.. *get new job in Colchester* :-)

Hope things get better after asshat fucktard leaves.
25th Mar, 2005 22:10 (UTC)
If he wasn't leaving I would be looking for another job right now

Why don't you do web design freelance?
25th Mar, 2005 23:01 (UTC)
because freelance webdesign - unless you are VERY lucky, isn't a job.

Its a supplemental income. I do do freelance work, I have 3 sites I'm working on now actually.. but while its good work, its not frequent.

I'd love to do that as my main job, but the market just won't work for it here. The states might be better tho...
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