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Can I get a Hell Yeah?

Cherie once again wields the Chair Leg Of Truth towards the skulls of those who are small of crainial capacity. Of cource they won't listen, but there you go..

I'm the only one at work. Damnit.. all the phones are now my phones, like some zen telecomunication excerise. How many hats can I wear at the same time? We shall see. Thunkfully its not busy, and neither am I.

I posted up The Ferryman at my website, part 2 is coming soon. Those of you that didn't read it when I posted it up on here go take a look. I will bug you with the second part soon so you may as well be up to speed with the story when it finally drops.

I really need to work on a design for my site... later tho, when I have other the sites done. What sites? Well cmpriest's for a start. I bought her CheriePriest.com and offered to make her a site because.. well.. I was in one of those generous moods, and she deserves/needs a good web presence before her book is launched. So there's that to be done. Then there is Streetball Extreme and Streetball Essex. Two, not unrelated, sites. I suck at basketball.. but these guys do not. Those sites will be up soon. Then there is ACERT which has been a slow horrible experience, but at least I'm getting paid, and that will also be up soon.

After that.. who knows?

And now for your moment of zen from my work:
me: "Try 'password' but with the s's as 5's."
them: "As fives? Wow.. I would never have thought of that."


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(Deleted comment)
9th Mar, 2005 21:59 (UTC)
no problem ;)

And yes.. I tihnk the chair leg of truth needs to be whelded more often in this world of ours.

4th Mar, 2005 20:47 (UTC)
do i still get a website sometime?
4th Mar, 2005 21:12 (UTC)

scary... you don't have a website. He should be ashamed of himself!!
5th Mar, 2005 02:32 (UTC)
yes, yes he should...espescially since i asked first ;)
5th Mar, 2005 04:11 (UTC)
awe.. the pout. so sad. *teehee*

pulling out all the strings eh? lol
5th Mar, 2005 04:34 (UTC)
usually works on him ;) that or he just takes his finger to my lower lip and goes "boing!" and runs away.

meh, he's busy...i suppose he would have if maybe i had an idea of what i wanted, but i don't.

5th Mar, 2005 16:56 (UTC)
Re: *LOL*
hehe. goofy boy.

yeah. Ideas help. You have no idea at all what you would like?
9th Mar, 2005 21:59 (UTC)
you will! once you actually work out what you want ;)
10th Mar, 2005 00:04 (UTC)
did cherie work out what she wanted first?
10th Mar, 2005 07:37 (UTC)
To a certain extent - yup!
5th Mar, 2005 02:58 (UTC)
....i have a crappy website with no design...does that count? ;)
5th Mar, 2005 04:12 (UTC)
It's not that crappy. And the artwork is cool! ^_^

by the way.. I am adding you. I keep forgetting to do it. Must be the blonde highlights. ^_^
5th Mar, 2005 04:35 (UTC)
hahahhaa ...not "that" crappy....i should put that on my business cards ;)

seeing as how artwork is the only thing i do nowadays....thanks! ;)
i'll add you back and you can read my sputterings and have my nudie watercolors appear on your friends page once every few weeks
5th Mar, 2005 16:55 (UTC)

I love art. I don't get to see a huge amount of it. Other than what my boy does that is. So that is veddy cool. ^_^

I just ramble a lot. lol. Don't know how interesting I will be for you.
5th Mar, 2005 18:05 (UTC)
cool, what does he do?
5th Mar, 2005 18:32 (UTC)
He does graphics design and IT at an architectural firm. He does pencil sketches as his main art when he isn't at the office.
He has a deviant art account.. I think the name is Iaini-diamantia. I can't recall if it is a dash or an underscore though. ~_~

He is talented.. but not if you ask him. lol
6th Mar, 2005 03:03 (UTC)
that's cool :) i hope i can also put my art to use someday and actually get paid for it
6th Mar, 2005 07:20 (UTC)
I am sure you will be able to. ^_^

You seem quite inventive.
6th Mar, 2005 08:02 (UTC)
thank you :)
4th Mar, 2005 22:56 (UTC)
Latest mobile photo: Thank God 4 Hip Hop

I don't think God is responsible for Hip Hop.
9th Mar, 2005 21:51 (UTC)
Depends - I really like PROPER hip-hop. What it has become tho is R&B and rap, and while that can be good.. in todays music industry it is generally not.

I do like a good bit of turntablism.. and thats what hip-hop was all about really.
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