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Friends List

I've done a bit of a friends list trim.

Not much, more of a prune. Either because I wasn't reading your entries, you just weren't commenting on mine, or.. well.. we just don't talk anymore.

If you think I clicked wrongly (I accept I might have, I'm not perfect) then please don't take it personally - comment here!

I also took the step of editing the hell out of my layout. I was bored with it as is. Its only a mod of the default componant scheme, but it took a while for me to navigate the mess I had left all my styles and layers in.

Deleted most of them and started again.


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20th Feb, 2005 18:49 (UTC)
yeah, i love it when i make someone's cut! it's just a nice statement of acceptance. and man, we all know as humans we LOVE acceptance. :)
20th Feb, 2005 19:05 (UTC)
aww well we DO at least communicate on here! Even if its not a mutual commenting extravaganza! ;)
20th Feb, 2005 19:19 (UTC)
yay! i made it i made it!
20th Feb, 2005 19:22 (UTC)
LOL :D Cracked me up! Gawd I would hope so!!
20th Feb, 2005 19:25 (UTC)
For real! lol.
21st Feb, 2005 00:24 (UTC)
and all i had to do was sleep with him! :D
21st Feb, 2005 01:23 (UTC)
Now THAT was hillarious!!
21st Feb, 2005 01:45 (UTC)
why thank you! i write my own material ;)
21st Feb, 2005 02:04 (UTC)


That's it huh?

20th Feb, 2005 21:36 (UTC)
well, you know, i have to make sure of these things ;)
20th Feb, 2005 20:45 (UTC)
Silly Pincheeka ;)
20th Feb, 2005 21:38 (UTC)
silly....like a fox! yes.
20th Feb, 2005 21:15 (UTC)
LOL well... duh :P

Like I'd remove you *smooch*
20th Feb, 2005 21:40 (UTC)
i dont know, maybe our last webcam conversation made you realize what a pervert i ACTUALLY am and you decided you couldnt handle it ;)

the sperm was eating his faaaace!
20th Feb, 2005 19:24 (UTC)
it's like roll call :P

20th Feb, 2005 19:32 (UTC)
thanks for keeping me. i'm always afraid i'm not commenting enough in people's journals for them to think i'm worth keeping (plus all my bitching in my own journal isn't exactly what a lot of people want to read every day). :\
20th Feb, 2005 21:17 (UTC)
Yeah.. you've been having a down period recently I can tell :(

20th Feb, 2005 20:30 (UTC)
I'm not surprised, and it wasn't unexpected, though I do wish we'd have become better friends. I will still be reading what you post publicly. Sorry I haven't commented like I should.
20th Feb, 2005 21:15 (UTC)
No need to be sorry. If I don't post anything you feel like commenting on, then thats fair.

Its nothing personal - its more for my sanity than anything else. Don't take it as if I'm not interested in your opinions, its just I found I was more skimming your posts.. and we don't communicate over this thing. If we talk more and such then it would change.

Thats the advantage of LJ - nothing is set in stone.
21st Feb, 2005 07:16 (UTC)
Thanks, Greg. I understand. :)
21st Feb, 2005 18:16 (UTC)
*hugs Rose & Greg* :)
20th Feb, 2005 20:44 (UTC)
Thanks for keeping me. You're awesome.


21st Feb, 2005 18:13 (UTC)
I just delete people that it makes sense to delete when it makes sense to delete them. I don't talk about it. I refuse to give in to the friends list drama, lol. If you don't act like it's a big deal and don't say anything, no one else will say anything either. Just do what's right for you. :)
31st Mar, 2005 21:23 (UTC)
thats hott
real real hott
31st Mar, 2005 22:10 (UTC)
Re: thats hott
Well thanks!

but.. um... what is?
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