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Happy Valentines

Happy Valentines
Happy Valentines, don't buy into the hype, just use it as an excuse to find yet another reason to say "I love you" to the one that you want to be with. Not with anyone? Use it as an excuse to say hey to the one you'd like to get with. Not interested in anyone? Thats cool, roll with it and be happy for other people.

Yes I made a cute Valentines post based on mine and Miriam's Yahoo! Avatars... I'm a romantic geek. Its true.

Hope everyone has a good day, Valentine or otherwise.


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14th Feb, 2005 08:29 (UTC)
OK I'll be happy for other people. I'm not ready for anybody yet. G'day! :)
14th Feb, 2005 08:35 (UTC)
but you're MY romantic geek! ;)

14th Feb, 2005 10:08 (UTC)
It says something that I heard in my head "I chose YOU Greg-a-chu!"

*hangs head in geek shame*
14th Feb, 2005 19:28 (UTC)
wow....you can gain back your lost points if you tell me where that card is from ;)
14th Feb, 2005 20:08 (UTC)
Duh.. Simpsons. ;)

Its the card Ralph Wigum gives Lisa and he says that line.

I think the classic line "look, if you watch it in slow motion you can actually see his tiny heart break" is from that ep too ;)
14th Feb, 2005 20:32 (UTC)
yay! well you've redeemed yourself and now you can officially "bee" my valentine
it says bee, and there's a picture of a bee on it!
14th Feb, 2005 10:05 (UTC)
Awww...how cute! =)
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