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Jesus Jack-humping Christ

So while I sit at home waiting for computer parts and such I reflect that..

...People Are Crazy.

Bat-shit loco, I mean... come on IKEA is great and all but wtf?



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10th Feb, 2005 09:32 (UTC)
humping is fun!
i dont know who this jack person is though
10th Feb, 2005 09:33 (UTC)
Hey, I have a few questions for you.. could you shoot me a message when you've got a chance? Thanks =]
10th Feb, 2005 09:54 (UTC)
*LOL* your icon is the best. bill gates is such a dreamboat! ;)
10th Feb, 2005 15:42 (UTC)
When Ikea opened in the Bay Area, it got mobbed. There wasn't any trampling, but my brother, mother, and I waited a week to check it out and then we still had to wait in line in the rain for half an hour to get in. It's also near a poorer part of town, although it's being steadily developed into a commercial area.
10th Feb, 2005 15:50 (UTC)
I love how they are blaming IKEA for not knowing people would act like cattle.

"Hello!? I thought they were people, WTF!?"
10th Feb, 2005 18:03 (UTC)
leave it to us to perfect the consumer culture, but you guys to carry it too far. ;)
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