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The best things in life are free...

.. but you can tell that to computer manufacturers and they will laugh at you.

Laugh I say.

damnit. Ok, so I spent the last two days trying to fix my computer. I failed. -5 geek points I guess. There is some problem with the motherboard where the onboard sound is on the fritz and is causing the software to die randomly. One format and reinstall of windows later and still no joy. Annoying, but as the beautiful Miriam said to me the other day "meh.. these things happen."

So.. time to buy new hardware - as the current mobo is annoyingly just outside its warranty. I decided to go for the proper upgrade route as there was little point spending money just to be superseeded imediately. For the geeks in the audience - PCI Express it is.

Out of the kindness of my fathers heart (he just made me say that) he's paying for it so I can then use him like a 0% interest credit card over a few months. This is good, as its like... £500 or nearly $1000 for you people on the other side of the pond (so... most of you).

I'd also like to take this moment to thank Miriam, she listened to me be stressed and grumpy over the last few days and was a saint about it. She always apologises to me when she's grumpy on the phone and I tell her I don't mind (which I don't), but she's really been wonderful recently - and I know she's got her own stuf on her mind too.

much love :)



9th Feb, 2005 15:47 (UTC)
This is good, as its like... £500 or nearly $1000 for you people on the other side of the pond (so... most of you).

Good god! What the hell are you buying?
10th Feb, 2005 09:19 (UTC)
new mobo, new gfx card, new proc, new case, new psu, new heatsink + fan..

Basically because its better long term that way. Its all PCI-Express stuff, no more PCI or AGP anymore. The old case won't let me change the PSU, so that has to go.. annoyingly. Oh and the mobo will only support the 64bit chips.. so yeah.

But yeah.. concidering what I'm getting its actually a v.good deal. I'll post with specs and photos later.